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Dog Drawn ScooterTours

Information and pricing for Peace Pups scooter trail runs and lessons:

Dog scooter trail runs Are available in the spring and fall. We will set you up with a scooter, helmet, your very own Peace Pup for the day (sorry but you can't take one home with you) and guide you down one of our local trails. These outings are typically run in the morning or in the afternoon when it is the cooler for the dogs. Scooter runs are a great way to get out and see the woods of Vermont and spend some time with the dogs. We really enjoy working with the scooters because it allows for a much more personal one on one experience with each dog.

dog scooter group run

Dog scootering does require Some effort from the driver so being in reasonable physical condition is important. With one dog on a scooter you have to kick as with a skate board to assist the dog with getting up hills. You and the dog are a team working together. Scooters require you to balance similar to riding a bicycle so some bicycle experience is recommended. This activity is not appropriate for children under 14 as each person is responsible for their own dog. Our dogs are trained athletes and are much stronger than your average household dog. We do have dogs of various sizes so we can adjust for different size people. You will spend the first part of your visit meeting the dogs, becoming familiar with operating a scooter with out a dog and basic dogsledding commands. Once you are comfortable with this we will set off for a run with me leading with one dog and scooter and you following.

dog scooter starting out

We provide all of the required equipment All you need to have is the appropriate clothing and good shoes. We recommend long pants and no sandals or flip flops please.

Traveling with your canine companion? Consider a dog scooter lesson with Peace Pups. If your dog is energetic and likes to run he/she might just enjoy dog scootering. The first part of the lesson involves learning how to use the scooter with out a dog as well as commands, explanation of the equipment and basic dog training. Next we will fit your dog with the correct size harness, get you hooked up and working with your dog. Working along side one of our Siberian Huskies can be a big help in getting your dog heading the in the right direction. This is a great sport that you can take home with you and do with your own dog. Our lessons allow you to try various scooters and decide if this sport is for you and your dog before investing in the equipment. We have scooters from Diggler, Kick Bike and Pawtrekker. Dog scootering requires no special trail, bike paths, back roads, and parks are perfect. Scootering is a great way to exercise yourself and your dog and a fantastic way for you to spend quality time together.

I stock a wide range of scooters so that visitors who may be interested in buying a scooter can try out different models from different manufactures. I am no longer stocking scooters for sale. It is too difficult to do with my limited cash flow. Most can be ordered on line and will arrive in one to two weeks.

We do stock harnesses from Mountain Ridge as well as dog scooter and skijor lines and can fit your dog for a harness if you come for a lesson.

full suspension Pawtrekker

Reservations required


Lessons: One person two hour lesson with your dog $100.00 (+tax), second person your dogs $50.00 (+tax)

Dog scooter outings:
$75.00 (+tax) per person

Harnesses and Lines: X back harnesses $20.00; bungee scooter lines $20.00

*All tours require a credit card number or check deposit to secure your booking.
Tours are paid in full the day of your outing and may be paid by cash, credit card or check (listed in order of preference).

*Cancellations less than 14 days prior to your tour result in a 50% charge.

*A no show results in a 100% charge.

*Deposit may be used for a reschedule or toward a gift certificate.


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