COVID-19 Status, May 1st 20202

We currently do not have bookings available due to COVIC-19. Once I know that tours are an allowed activity in Vermont I will add openings to our online calendar. This includes kennel visits, dog cart tours, and dogsled tours. My current thinking as far as next winter is that I will only be running one sled per time slot. This would allow for appropriate social distancing on our tours and make each one a private tour. Rides at our current location can be split so families of more than two could split the ride. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you soon.  Ken

Vermont dog cart tour

Seasonal Activities

Vermont dogsledding

A not so brief explanation as to why we do not have more sled tour openings this winter. Three years ago I began thinking about what it would look like to bring a close to Peace Pups Dogsledding. I had some things happen that made me wonder what would happen to my canine family if it got to a point where I could not provide proper care for them; a situation that seems to become more and more likely as I age. I decided to be proactive in this process and to begin phasing out our tours and not bringing in any younger dogs. We have gone from having thirty running dogs to fourteen and from running tours six days a week to two days a week. As our pups age we can not ask as much from them so we need to run less often.

My goal is for everyone of our dogs to be able to live out their life here with us and their pack and with any luck I will live long enough to see that happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who have shared time with us over the years. It has been an honor. Peace.

Peace Pups Dogsledding offers fall and winter dogsled outings in north central Vermont!

During the winter we offer Vermont dog sledding ,in the fall months we offer dog cart tours

We donate 10% of our business profits to non-profits working for world peace.

Pulling For Peace

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