Information and pricing for our dogsled tours:



This winters schedule: We will be running tours at our trail in Morrisville on Fridays and Sundays at 11:00 am. weather permitting. Please allow a total of 2 hours for your time here with us.

We will have 1 sled available per run this season. The ride can be split in half if your are a family with more than two passengers

Sled tours are appropriate for all ages; the young and the young at heart!

We are offering tours less days per week than in past years so openings are booked up quickly. To be assured a tour you should book well in advance. Next day bookings are sometimes available but we are often booked a month in advance.

Prices for day tours:

Toboggan Sled                                            $400.00 per sled (+tax)


*Maximum passenger weight capacity per sled of 350 pounds & 3 passengers ( typically 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children). 

*All bookings are "hold card" which means you will be asked for credit card information to secure the booking but nothing will be run on your card until the day of your tour. We offer a 6% discount for cash payment and you can choose that option the day of your tour.

Dogsled Tours



Further dogsled tour information:



It's more than just a ride! Learn what is required to maintain a team of Siberian Huskies, what equipment is used and how we put it all together to move down the trail. Our guided tours are a great way to see the Vermont wilderness and learn all you ever wanted to know about dogsledding.

Come experience the beauty of winter in Lake Elmore Vermont via one of the oldest modes of winter transportation. Venture back to a time before the invention of the combustible engine; a time when a main form of winter wilderness travel was a team of Siberian Huskies. You will be amazed at the energy and excitement as our Siberians are harnessed to take you on your ride. If you have ever had any doubt about Siberians Huskies being born to run; a ride with one of our teams will demonstrate to you just how much they love it. Conveniently located twenty five minutes from Stowe and twenty five minutes from Montpelier. Join us for a ride in one of our custom hand built touring sleds behind an eight dog team of Siberian Huskies and see the Vermont winter in a whole new way.

Our day tours this season are being run on a trail that is being generously provided by a neighbor who is kind enough to share her beautiful property. The trail has a nice mix of open fields, wooded forest and includes some amazing views of the Worcester mountain range and the Green Mountains. 

When you arrive at our trail site you will meet our teams of Siberian Huskies and learn all you ever wanted to know about sled dogs and the activity of dog sledding. We will teach you about the equipment we use to work with the dogs and how the sleds function. Next we will seat you in one of our comfortable padded sleds and tuck you in with a warm sleeping bag. Once you are situated in the sled we will hook up a eight dog team and head out on the run. These runs are over a five mile trail and take anywhere from forty five minutes to an hour depending on the trail conditions. The harder packed the trail the faster the run. *Please allow a total of 2 hours for this outing.

Wear appropriate clothing. Vermont winters can be very cold with temperatures sometimes staying below zero. Dress in layers with a warm coat and snow pants.  Wear a good hat, warm boots and gloves or mittens. Goggles or sunglasses will help keep the snow out of your eyes. Once on the sled you will be sitting inside one of our custom made sled bags on a three inch padded cushions and covered with a sleeping bag for added warmth. Most guests say they are quite warm inside the sleds but there is no substitute for dressing for the occasion. If you tend to have cold hands or feet hand I recommend bringing hand and toe warmers on days that are especially cold. They're available at most convenience stores in the area.