Siberian Husky Facts

Information about Siberian Huskies:

So you've always wanted a Siberian Husky; who wouldn't! They are beautiful, athletic and loving dogs. Almost anyone who has seen Snow Dogs or Eight Below is often drawn to these beautiful dogs. However a Siberian may not necessarily be the best dog for your particular life style. Siberians Huskies have some instincts that can make them difficult to have as pets unless you know what they are and how to work with them. They often retain a strong prey instinct which may lead them to have problems with your (or your neighbors) cats, chickens, smaller dogs, rabbits or anything that might look like food to them. They love to run! This is why they make such great dogs for sledding, scootering and carting. These activities provide a positive outlet for their energy. If they do not have a way of burning off this energy they will often find less productive ways to accomplish this such as chewing, digging or escaping so that they can run. Left to their own devises a loose unsupervised Siberian can be bad news and they will likely get themselves into trouble. This desire to run and combined with a high level of energy often means that Siberians can not be off leash. There are exceptions to this but I have had dogs that were fine off leash for years all of a sudden decide they were going off for a run on their own. As a responsible dog owner you do not want this to happen .Siberians can also be very stubborn dogs. They are extremely smart and often think that they know better than you do. Of course these are all generalizations and each individual dog has it's own personality but your dog could have all of the traits described above. Best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

I strongly urge anyone considering adding a Siberian to their lives to do as much reading about the breed as possible and be very honest with yourself as to whether it is the right choice for your life style. There are many Siberians in rescue programs and in shelters because people bought them as puppies not knowing what they were getting themselves into. If you acquire a Siberian and they do not work out for you it can be difficult finding a good home to place them in since there are a limited number of appropriate homes out there. We are frequently contacted by people looking for homes for their Siberians after they have found that they were more than they bargained for. Unfortunately just because a dog is a Siberian and has a lot of energy does not necessarily make it a good sled dog. Our very first Siberian; Jake is from the shelter and even though he has plenty of energy he was not really a "working" dog. I was able to teach him to pull and he did fairly well with it but with the type of running we do on tours the dogs need to have a lot of drive and a strong work ethic. Often the pet variety Siberians fall somewhere in between being a good pet and being a good working dog; hence the challenge of finding an appropriate home. I have provided some links to the right which offer a good starting point in understanding the breed.

In the interest of helping the dogs we do list dogs for placement here. If you have a Siberian and you are trying to find a new home for him/her I will consider placing a post here for you. Any placements are still handled by the existing owner. On occasion there may be a dog from our kennel listed here as well. Sometimes when we adopt dogs they do not work out due to a lack of drive or the fact that they just do not fit in with the rest of the team well. These dogs are often calmer and are often happier living more relaxed life; maybe on your couch. We track any dog we place and if for any reason things do not work out in the dogs new home we expect them to return to us.

Available Siberian Huskies:

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