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Dear Ken Many thanks for the dogsledding experience at Stowe Mountain! I had my daughter, Zoe (age 3), with me and we were visiting from Bermuda, so you may recall meeting us last week. Zoe tells everyone about your dogs, and wanted to send you a photo of her dog, Chama. All the best, and warm wishes for you and your pups, Alexandra and Zoe.

Dogsledding at Stowe Mountain Resort

Hi Ken, Just to say thanks for the tour - we all enjoyed it very much and it stands out as one of the highlights of our trip. Once again, many thanks. Matthew

Hi Ken, wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful time Friday afternoon. Bob and I really loved the dogs and the whole experience, and we'll highly recommended your services if ever we have friends in the area. Best, Megan

Hi Ken,
Paul and I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you for an amazing adventure. It was more than we had hoped it would be. Your dogs are amazing creatures, and we will cherish these memories for years to come. We couldn't have been happier that we were one of the fastest tours this winter...what an adrenaline rush!! We had such a great time, and if we are ever in Vermont again, we will definitely look you up!! Thanks again!! :)

Paul and Nicole

Hi Ken, You might recall us; we are the family of 4 from England, whom you took dog-sledding on Dec 26th. We just wanted to say a big thank you, because we really did have such a wonderful time. It was a shame that our suitcases were so full, otherwise I think that certainly Baron and Etta might have disappeared! It was a memory which we will all always treasure, thank you. We would like to wish you well and have a very Happy and Prosperous 2008. We have attached a couple of photographs for you. Kind regards The Wheelers

Petting Siberian Huskies
Vermont dogsled tour

Just a quick thank you for your time on Columbus Day. Everyone really enjoyed the experience. The Wicks Family

Dear Ken (and the rest of the gang) Simon and myself returned from New England a couple of weeks ago and both felt compelled to thank you for what has to be described as one of the best experiences of our lives! We came up to see you and the pups to take a cart ride on 30th September. We arrived at 3pm and actually stayed 3 hours as you were all so welcoming and accommodating, we couldn't bear to tear ourselves away from the pups and leave your and amazing home. We came across some lovely people whilst in New England, but yourself, Lise and Jen were 3 of the nicest people we have ever met. Being out in the yard with the pups was so enjoyable and the cart ride was awesome. I know you have a lot of visitors so wont be offended if you don't remember us, but we were the couple from Wales, UK, who wanted to buy the piece of land for sale next door to you! Since we have been home I have told so many people about the wonderful work you do and have attached a few photographs for you look at. I think i got a couple of really good ones of the pups so feel free to use these on your website if you wish. I hope the cart rides are going well and hope you have a great winter season of sledding. Once again thank you for an awesome and unforgettable time and if we ever manage to get back to New England, we will definitely be back for another cart or maybe even sled ride (weather permitting). Kindest regards from Jo Williams and Simon Hale

Petting Siberian Huskies
Friendly Siberian Huskies

Hello Ken!
This is India from the last dog sled tour last Friday. I was writing to say thank you very much for the enjoyable ride, I had such a great time and I wish we could do it again. I loved Orion, he was definitely my favorite! All of your dogs were beautiful and my family and I had an amazing afternoon! Thank you sooo much!!!
From India.

Hi Ken, I just wanted to say thanks for a really fun and memorable ride this weekend. My dad, uncle, cousin and I all had such an incredible time. As I mentioned, I'm a dog-lover with no dogs of her own, so I was in heaven hanging out with your gorgeous (and friendly!!) pups. They all have such distinct personalities, and we really got a kick out of them. I had about 11 million pictures on my camera when I got home :) The ride was wonderful, I've already recommended you to everyone I've talked to, so hopefully you'll get some more business out of Quincy this winter or next.

Hi Ken, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time last week. Ann and Jan had a wonderful time on your night tour, and Sheila and I loved the tandem sled tour. As I mentioned to you during our tour, we have been going to Stowe for the past 12 years or so, and wanted to do something new and exciting to enhance our ski week. The dog sled experience became the highlight of the trip. I enjoyed the educational experience as well. I love hearing about dogs and their natural abilities and desire to work. I was surprised at how calm they are, followed by an incredible amount of energy,followed by another state of contentment. There is such peace in the snowy woody areas where we toured and the dogs really keep us connected with nature. I made a slideshow of the dogs with the music of Cat Stevens singing "I love my dog". I also have great footage of your "singing dogs". I admire your work and your dedication to your dogs as well as your devotion to peaceful endeavors. Wishing you a snowy winter. I look forward to seeing you and your dogs again. Sincerely, Donna

Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. As native Vermonters, we loved celebrating our anniversary with a local "adventure". We admire your love and care of the dogs and thoroughly enjoyed learning about them. They are wonderful dogs and the dog sledding was amazing!!! What a beautiful day and overall a great experience!

Kristi & Ed

Siberian Husky kisses
Siberian Husky kisses
Friendly Siberian Huskies

That was so much FUN today!
Thanks so very much for your hospitality. We loved meeting the dogs- they were all so attentive and quiet during the introductions! The ride was fabulous, zippy, and weeeee in the late afternoon light. We loved going away with so many stories about the dogs, photos of our fun, and great memories of our favorite dose of winter for 2012! 
Kudos to both Lance and Ken for gracious kindness as well as instilling confidence in the skill and ability of the dogs, the sleds, and the drivers.
We found you through your website- which is fabulous, and are so glad to have met you all face to face now!
Very best wishes for a great 2012!